Speakin Swedish Chef 应用的评论



This speaking chef doesn't speak! Refund, this is awful

No sound

This app doesn't speak, I want my money back!

Not even worth .99

If the chef spoke, it would be great. I bought it because I thought if hear him! Boooooo

Terrible, not worth it

Didn't like this app. Was expecting it to make sound messages, but instead just types it out. Disappointed and totally not worth purchasing!

Not worth it

This app is bad. Don't get it. It doesn't even talk

This app stinks, and not in a good way.

I vunt me $.99 beck. Thees app tutelly blows, und is a waste ooff teeme und resources. (I want my $.99 back. This app totally blows, and is a waste of time and resources).

Pretty Cool

Pretty cool, but not worth the money.

Does NOT speak or voice over...

I, or anyone with a pulse for that matter, can "write" my own Swedish Chef words - don't need this app or any other for that. The description of the app should clearly state that this app DOES NOT SPEAK or voice over. Not indicating this is as bad as lying about it. Shame on you...

Okay but could be better

I wish that u could type what he is saying and translate it into English so when I am reading I could understand what he is saying

Speaking Swedish

This app doesn't speak anything. There is no audio. I must be an idiot for buying it!

Very funny and cool! But...

This is a very entertaining game however it's kinda a waste of 99 cents because all u can do is translate.


This is sooooooo funny!!!

This app is crap

I've in Sweden for the last two months and no one, not even the Swedish Chef, says "zee." this accent is waaaay off and sort of offensive.


Blast from the past! So funny.

No speak-I totally agree!

You absolutely would think that this thing/app, actually would "speak" what you typed in, but NO - don't waste your cents on this!

No speak

Misleading, should be typing Swedish chef!!! Boo what a scam.


Text only No speech lame

So dumb

That's not swedish or how you pronounce it!!!!


I reely leeke-a zees app

Working on my Swedish

So easy to use!!

Great app!

It'll be great to have this when I go visit Sweden next year! Fun stuff!

Try it

Worth the $. Entertains everyone.

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